Affiliate Program

Earn Recurring Monthly Commissions

Auto1Cloud by Engynn Technologies builds solutions to make digital marketing easier to automotive repair and tire shops across Canada and the US. If you work in an industry in which you frequently interact with automotive shops, you can earn up to 50% of recurring revenue for every product subscription you bring.  Our products are billed on a monthly or annual basis, and you will earn your affiliate commission after each billing cycle.

No Income Caps

Your affiliate commission is never cut off or capped, as long as your referrals continue to subscribe to our software solutions. That means if you bring in 100 automotive shops and are earning $19.99/month off each shop, you will make $1,999.00 indefinitely without any additional work, as long as the customers stay subscribed to our software service(s).

How Much Can I Make?

Each individual software subscription is sold for between $9.99 USD to $149.99 USD. Your commission on these subscriptions will be between 20% – 50% depending on your level of involvement. For example, if you bring on 100 shops at $49.99 and earn 50% commission, you will earn $1999.00/month indefinitely.

How Does It Work?

When customers sign up online or via our contact forms, they can include an affiliate code. You will also be given your own @auto1cloud email for customers to inquire about our services. When customers sign up, they are placed in our billing system with an affiliate payee. This means, as they pay for their services, you will automatically be placed into our queue for payment by direct deposit or check.

Ready To Get Started?

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