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Build and host a website for your shop without the high costs and complicated setup.

Build a simple and effective website that will bring new customers to your door in no time!

What It Is & How It Works

Normally, if an automotive shop wants to build a website, then they must work with a design agency or try to do the work themselves. This typically means expensive designs or ineffective results. And even after launching, you must maintain hosting, security of customer data, privacy policies, and more.

Auto1Cloud is reinventing this process! Our proprietary AIR (Autocloud Instant Rendering) technology allows you to build a website in minutes with our site builder and deploy it with the press of a button. All you need to do is choose colors, logos, services, hours, and any other customizations you’d like. Your website will be hosted on the Auto1Cloud server where all security, hosting, and SSL will be handled for you.

We’ll Set Up Your Site For You

We understand for shop owners, even the simplest of tasks can be hard when things get busy! That’s why we offer managed setup services for those who need it. Your assigned specialist will set up time with you and, in most cases, get all of the information they need to build your site in less than a 10-minute call.

5-Minute Setup

Our website setup is so simple that you can get your website up and running in less than five minutes!


Choose from one of many themes or get a custom design. Our themes are completely customizable from head to toe.

Search Engine Optimized

Our sites are structured to ensure SEO is the first priority, with structured HTML that indexes you on search engines in no time!

Content Packages

All sites come with pre-written content packages to get you started; however, you can rewrite or edit all aspects of it.


  • Can I use my own domain? (

    Of course! Your site will be reached via whatever domain you choose.

    You can port over your existing www domain name OR obtain a new one via Auto1Cloud.

  • Who hosts the site/server?

    Sites built on our sitebuilder are hosted on our blazing fast cloud servers, ensuring you receive maximum uptime and site speed without having to worry about hosting.

  • Who designs the site?

    When you build a site on our platform, you will be able to choose from one of multiple “skins” – from there you customize the logo, colors, font, text, and more.

  • Will my site be a cookie cutter template?

    No! Although your site is built from a template, our rendering technology builds out your site with customized content and imagery. No two sites are exactly alike, and your site will stand out as unique to search engines.

  • How much does this tool cost?
    Auto1Cloud tools have no setup, design, or upfront fees * – you simply pay a monthly subscription fee. Exact pricing depends on which tools you are utilizing. To see most up-to-date pricing visit the pricing page.